An unexpected Halloween brunch is my fave

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well hello, hello. I'm Melanie and I love a good party and any excuse to throw one. Although I'm not the biggest Halloween fan (I have a husband who refuses to dress up and no kids to force into costumes that make them look like a cuddly animal) I thought it would be fun to think of a Halloween party with a little twist. Since Halloween night is the time for festivities, what if you threw a brunch in the morning?

Instead of going with the black and orange color scheme you could go with white, green and a deep purple. White pumpkins, figs and other little colorful touches. A little bit of metallic gold would be nice too.


Then you could treat your guests with brunch goodies like doughnut holes, pumpkin muffins and french toast kabobs. Can you tell I love sweet breakfast foods?
Picture 1

And don't forget to give your guests a little something on their way out. You can download the pretty designs for these sachets here and wow your guests. Maybe you could fill them with something unexpected like clementine oranges. Or would that make you like the house that gives out toothbrushes while trick or treating?


Thank you for letting me visit for the day. You can read my thoughts and ideas daily over at You Are My Fave.


  1. It's a great idea, and no costumes! I still love those donut holes.


  2. yay! i love white pumpkins and a halloween brunch is fab!

  3. If only there was more time in the world!

  4. So funny - I just started planning a post-Halloween brunch right before reading this! GREAT ideas I will most def be stealing ;) Wasn't sure what I'd do without my daily Kate, but I must say ladies, I'm enjoying the guest spots - thanks!

  5. I'm completely enamored with the idea of combining the gorgeous white and green-hued pumpkins with the spectacular aubergine flesh of the figs. Stunning, just stunning. Hey, can I crash your party? ;0)

  6. great photos! the second and third are my faves :)

  7. Just stopped by to say HI :)
    this post made my day a better one!
    totally in the halloween mood right now...

  8. French toast kabobs sound AMAZING. Yum. What a unique party idea for Halloween! We're having our housewarming on Halloween so it's kind of a combo deal.


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