Cupcake Alert!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ok, hold the phone. Lady B send me the most amazing email today telling me that in fact, the infamous Magnolia Bakery (featured in Sex and the City and also, every trip I ever take to New York City) will be coming to Los Angeles. My day had just been made, folks! Check out some more info about where and when HERE!


  1. Woo hoooooo!! And it's on a corner that's perfect for lining up around. The only line I don't mind.

  2. OK, don't hate me. Ready? Go:

    I don't think Magnolia cupcakes are very good. It's not that I think they don't live up to the hype (they don't), it's that I don't think they are very good, as far as cupcakes go, period. Ah! I am going to be struck down by a sugary bolt of lightning for saying that. But the good news is that those tasty delights over at Lark are so much better, and Lark is already in your backyard. Let's just wait and see how Magdoughlia compare to the competition...

    I love you. And I love bree. But I'm not sorry I don't love the mealy flavorless dough of Magnolia. xo, cupcake cathy

  3. I agree with bigBANG. I don't love Magnolia. I liked Sprinkles much better. Though the red velvet cake at Magnolia is worth a try...


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