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Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi there! My name is Marie-Eve and I write a blog called LAKE JANE. I have several things in common with La Petite Choue, including a profound love for the city of Montreal, so I feel right at home, guest blogging here this morning!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how to spruce up my closet for Fall and Winter. It's not that I lack fashionable pieces but rather that I lack staples. I seem to always buy trendy pieces but have no basics to pair them with. I remember when I had the opposite problem so I switched it up and went way over board and now the trendy pieces have overtaken all the basics I had accumulated. Apparently I have an issue finding a middle ground. So now I'm on a mission to add in all those pieces which I deem to be "true cold-weather classics"; the kinds of pieces you invest in because you know they'll never go out of style. Here's my list but I'd love to hear yours too!

(N.B. -I've left out shoes, bags and t-shirts because this list would be wayyyy too long)

A good trench coat (this one is by APC)

A pair of black leggings (I like American Apparel)

A great pair of blue jeans like these by Current Elliott

A crisp white shirt (Banana Republic)

A solid black skirt like this one by Filipa K

A long sleeved striped shirt (Gap)

A black leather jacket ( I dream of this washed leather jacket by Mike and Chris)

And finally one long cuddly sweater (I love the Boyfriend cardigan by Steven Alan)


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