I Like Them Bones

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello there, since Kate is out on vacation, she kindly asked me to guest blog for her. I'm Caroline and I blog over at "The Space In-Between."

So since Kate mentioned Dead Man's Bones in her pre-vacation entry, I must HIGHLY recommend it as well. I am a dire fan of Ryan Gosling and in all honesty, its not the reason why I'm recommending the band. They are actually REALLY REALLY good. A mix of a children's choir, some baritone, and some really great drum beats and you've got a fairly unique sound.

We just went to see them play last night and it was pretty awesome. The children's choir were dressed as skeletons and the choir leader head on a skeleton hoodie. Both Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields were dressed white button ups and vests.... pretty hot. i mean, i'm just sayin.'

(You can see me gushing more over Ryan on my blog, here and here.)
and thanks kate for giving me another venue to gush!


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