When it snows

Friday, October 9, 2009

I saw Miike Snow (yes, to ii's!) last night at Spaceland and let. me. tell. YOU! This dude is so talented that 1/2 the crowd left when his set was finished (they were the openers!) The band started playing in full on masks and jumpsuits and it doesn't get much better than dancing to any of his songs, especially my favorite, "Animal". Check out the music video below. I dare your toes not to start tappin'!

(thanks to Ms. Adie for introducing them to me and taking me last night!)

1 comment:

  1. OMG. LOVE the video. Esp. when he puts on that Royal Navy jacket- he looks like Jesus-does-Captian-and-Commander.

    This song is my late-night-hopped-up-on-caffeine-drive-back-from-LA theme song, thanks to you, m'dear!


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